Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sponsored Post & Give-away: Rakuten Singapore

We all love online shopping & today, I will be sharing on Rakuten Singapore which has been launched late 2013!

So what's so different about this site as compared to our existing G-market, Taobao etc? This site mainly features high quality merchandise from both Japanese and Singapore merchants!

I'm missing Japan badly so this came as a piece of good news.. you can now get Japanese imported items right at your doorstep!!! Be it Hello Kitty items, Japanese lashes or soft-toys, you can now collate everything and cart them out! Some of the brands that are on the site are  Casio, Crafholic, Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, Sanrio etc and the prices are generally lower.

With the friendly site interface, it issn't very hard to navigate through the various categories. My favourites as usual would be Sports & Outdoor, Fashion & Accessories and Health & Beauty!! It was an extremely tough choice picking the items for myself and the blog readers because everything look so attractive! (I will be sharing a discount code at the end of the post as well)

Shopping time!!

Tada.. these are the items that I've picked in the end! I'm not the kind of girl who like Hello Kitty and soft toys so the things I've picked are quite practical in general. I was so tempted to buy some sportswear or shoebags but I decided to stop at two caps instead. Some of the items are still on the way but I will share about these (with the links) first! It was a smooth shopping experience with the items all sent to my door-step.

Review time!!

I picked this coz I can place it at my wedding reception and write on the blackboard using colourful chalk! Looks good right?

I love collecting caps because it matches my sports-wear, keeps my hair away from my face and blocks me from the sun! They are a MUST-HAVE for any morning races! This turquoise one would be my 6th and it's refreshing from my usual white & pinks. And of course, anything labelled nike is a must-cart. It's dri-fit as well so no worries about sticky hair woes! It came with adjustable straps at the back and fits nicely!

I've already had a white cap so the white one will go to another sports lover!  

I rarely put falsies on except for important events.. like one year 3 times max? That goes the same for mascara coz I'm lazy to remove them whenever I need to sweat! #justexcusesla But when I do, I stick to the Shu Uemura brand coz it's really the best, just like their iconic eyelash curler. I've tried Korean brands but somehow they just do not match as well (personal preference). My friend gave it to my few years back and your falsies really stay put throughout the day despite rain or heat! I love their falsies as well but it's kinda too pricey.

These are two holy-grail products that I swear by beside my Mac liquidlast eyeliner! Best of all, they are water-proof and even after a Bikram session, there's no smudging at all.

I usually apply MAC on my upper eyelid and K-Palette for the lower lashline. (Pardon the bloated face this morning- never drink water before you sleep!). The eyebrow pencil is in a lovely grey shade and very natural as well.

6. Paisley Iphone5 Soft-casing

Anyone love dressing up their phones like me? I have a soft spot for phone casings and it's a must-buy no matter which country I go to. They make your phone look instantly brand new especailly with the change of the screen-protector. I use my iphone to take all my blog/instagram pictures so it's like a camera to me as well! These are the phone casings that I bought in Tokyo, still brand new haha!


This is the paisley iphone 5 casing that I picked, I've always wanted to buy pants in this prints but somehow those that I came across was duller. Okay off-topic, I selected two pieces of this casing coz it's too pretty NOT to give it away!

Being the sweet girlfriend, I selected this for TC since he's such a fan of this brand! It has yet to arrive but it shouldn't disappoint since it's his favourite! This brand will be coming to Singapore this year too! :)

8. Miss Hana Waterproof Eyeliner

I've not tried this eye-liner but being the eye-liner hoarder, I couldn't resist not carting two of this coz it's highly raved on the site! It hasn't arrived yet as well but I hope it's good! It must be popular and the top-seller for some reason right? :)

Give-away time!!

And yes, give-away time! These are the items that I've picked out for my readers, basically all the items are very me except for the cutesy Hello Kitty bag & Pink Rilakkuma Iphone5 casing! There's shoes and clothes on the site as well but I thought sizing might be tricky to select! :)

I will be picking two winners for two different sets of items.. you get to choose!

1. Cutesy Set - Pink Rilakkuma Iphone5 casing + Hello Kitty Lunch Bag
2. Sporty Set - White Nike cap & Paisley Iphone5 casing

The Miss Hana eyeliner will be sent to the third person that I've picked as well!

How to win? These steps have to be followed in order to qualify! :)

a. Sign for for an account on Rakuten SG page
b. Like Rakuten SG facebook page
c. Leave a comment in my blog entry in this format:-

Email: (the same email has to be used for signing up of acct)
Which set: Cutesy Set / Sporty Set
Also, tell me what you want to see in my future blog entires or what you enjoy/don't like! :)

* The give-away will end on 16 April and I will be mailing the prizes to three lucky winners!
* No email entries will be considered. 
Good luck! :) 

 Quote: ”YINGTIAN” from 03/04/2014 to 10/04/2014 for $20 off for $80 spend or more

Happy Shopping!


Anonymous said...

Name: Jerlyn Tan
Which set: Sporty Set

Hi Ying Tian, thanks for the giveaway. :) It's very much appreciated and i hope i am the lucky one.

I like all your blog entries on your sports activites. I am inspired by your never-give-up attitude and you are my inspiration! Especially your recent completion of the marathon in Tokyo :) It really says that so long you don't give up, everything is possible. I am now trying to work towards a better and healthier me.

Thanks once again and have a blissful marriage! :)

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