Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our love story!

(I'm still basking in the honeymoon bliss and somehow, being a Mrs has NOT officially sunk in yet) 

And so.. here's our love story:-

Last night, I dropped a note to my ex-teacher on Facebook as she had indirectly brought us together 5 years back via her wedding invite. 

It seemed like yesterday where I hesitated to attend the wedding with Mel because we were the only two who were free that day. And perhaps it was fate she had to leave half-way to run errands. We were the only two people sitting down on one table and I went no choice but to sit with another JC class table after she left.

All I remembered was this super tall guy beside me going for many rounds of buffet and returning with lots of meat on his place. I was thinking "Wah he really very hungry and he can really eat leh!". Of course, I remembered him being in my school since his height and stone appearance were rather prominent in the arts faculty. He didn't left much of an impression as he was silent throughout the dinner, just eating and doing his own stuffs.

After the event, we took a bus back while the rest went for their class gathering at Starbucks. He told me afterwards that he went home to sleep instead because I didn't attend it LOL (since I had to meet Mel for shopping and secondly, it's not my class gathering).

And yes, that's HOW we finally got "reunited" six years after JC days. His basketball court was just near my netball court where I did my trainings and his class wasn't far from mine, but we NEVER really noticed each other nor spoke at all. More like pure school-mates and not even acquaintances.

That night, he added me on Facebook while I tagged him in the group picture out of courtesy. I was still dating back then so we never spoke or communicated for months.

Five months lately, he added him on MSN during midnight which I accepted accidentally despite me being rather anti-social somewhat. His long email address didn't ring a bell and I thought "Who's that? Is that spam?!"

His first greeting to me was "Do what?”

"HUH" I thought.
"Who are u?"
"TC la"
"TC is what?"

That's how it all started and we then started chatting. I didn't expect myself to actually enjoy engaging in a long MSN conversation but I actually enjoyed it. He was very different but yet gave me a refreshing feeling from the previous guys I knew. He was direct, comical, wood-head and most importantly, made me laugh all the time despite his short-answers. It was amazing how we can talk every single day and night, on very random things.

After two months, we finally had our first "date" at IKEA after the random conversation one night on the movie "Angel and Demon" movie. He had the book and offered to loan it to me. Out of courtesy, I lent him this book on leadership which he read in a single night and told me about it which I didn't admit not reading any parts of it.

The first date was extremely comfortable, going on well without any awkwardness. We were in shorts and slippers, walking randomly in the store to test the softness of sofas and beds. I remembered him being two heads above me and held this smiley face "Have a nice day" mamashop plastic bag with the  book in it. I returned the plastic bag back (for obvious reasons) and just took the book which was never returned till date.

“My  plastic bag not nice? I went to find one leh.”
"No it's okay I just hold this book"

After that, he offered to walk me to the busstop so I could go home. For some reason, the "walk" became a short "sprint" instead as we were having this sort of challenge to get to the busstop via overhead bridge first. I must be mad because his legs are triple my length. And needless to say, he WON despite slowing down his pace for me.

One night, I lost sleep at 3am due to some personal problems and he started drawing sheeps on my screen for me to count. "Enough ma? I continue drawing okay". And so, he ended up drawing 50 sheeps on my MSN screen for me to count. The thought of a 188cm stone man drawing smiley face sheeps on curly tails was enough to cheer me up. Needless to say, I woke up happy the next day for work.

We started going out after that and they didn't feel like official dates, as it was really comfortable and all! I started realising that he's one of the rare people in my life that I can open up fully, since a Scorpio is extremely private/mysterious by nature. Most of the time really, it's not you, it's just me.

I didn't expect that but in a way of another, his innocence, directness, stone-ness and one-word answers have attracted me. He was sweet in his own ways, not the romantic kind and I thought this is a guy that I can consider if he is interested!

On our 6th date over a spamnof two months, the initial plan was to head to Palau Ubin for cycling. However, it rained and I could recall our smses exchanges (no whataps back then).

"So how? Raining leh. I go gym la we don't meet"
"Harh?? Boo. Ok I go gym with u"

That's the first and last time he gymmed with me since he's an outdoor guy.

A sneaky shot during after gym of his default look 

After gymming, I went to the flea at Mount Sophia and he tagged along unwillingly which I didn't know in advance. He said after we got together that it was the worst 1hour in his entire life to be stuck in the hot place squeezing with other females.

Of course I didn't knew about it and the fact that he was holding my stuffs and buying me drinks added brownie points! We loitered through hundreds of booths and I ended up buying one supre dress which he said after we got together as "ugly leh dunno why you buy" lol.

We caught a movie after that to steal some air-con and that's when he finally held my hand in the theatre. Somehow, the feeling was "right" so I didn't pull away. That night, he sent me home, leaving me bewildered on our relationship/friendship status.

That night, he sent a text to his BFFs "“Finally I off the shelves YAY!”

Apparently, I didn't think the same since I wanted him to pop the official question. The next day, I went for yoga at OFC and he offered to pick me up with the pretext of being bored at home. We ended up at National Library to read some magazines and so, I couldn't resist asking him

"So what are we?"
“"Huh?? Errrr I mouth stuck" (proceed to stare at ceiling)”

I didn't expect him to be so shy and was mad confused!

 "Why stuck? U anything to tell me?"
“So is got or not? I never do this before no experience la. (stares at ceiling again)”

So yes, that's how we "got" together on 28 June 2009 without him asking anything!!

Most of our mutual friends were surprised as we had no affiliation with each other since school days!

The five years of dating were really enjoyable despite being a little shaky after the honeymoon stage. That was probably when we started showing our true characters and it was the difficult stage where we had to make triple effort to accommodate  each other.

It was never easy especially with character or gender differences but we pull it through with love!

We attended our first wedding together, went for our first trip together, celebrated our first birthdays together, had our first run.. which were all relationship milestones that we enjoyed creating together.

That was when I started training him for cameras and his tagged pictures grew from less than 100 to close to 2k now.

Of course, he helped alot in my fitness level and pushed me through my first full marathon and ultra-marathon.

This was the first surprise he did for my first bday together- folding paper pink hearts from YouTube tutorials and bringing me many boxes to guess which is the T&C one to our 8d7n Taiwan & HK trip. (Very effort but I never received any hand-made cards after that coz he was never the expressive sort)

We attended our first wedding together, went for our first trip together, celebrated our first birthdays together, had our first run.. which were all relationship milestones that we enjoyed creating together.

On 30 Nov, he officially proposed at Fort Canning and popped the question (entry here). 

I usually make decisions based on my emotions and gut. However, the choice to marry you was the best one in my life.

28.06.09 - the day we got together "officially"
30.11.12 - the day I said yes and became your fiance
10.05.14 - the success of #racetcyt which marked another chapter as Mr & Mrs

That was how we got together and how I became his first & last girlfriend, first and last wife.

(Credits to Pictureart)

Every couple has a story and this is ours, which we will continue to write longer stories in our book for our race.

Our love montage credited to Redinox for the wedding.


firstlove88 said...

so touched after watching the video!! The proposal was so magical :) My deepest bleesing to both of your!

Jesselyn Lim said...

hello! just happened to surf by your blog and saw your wedding post. Congrats on your wedding! :)

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

firstlove88: your wedding is magical too!! :) thank you dear!

jesselyn: congrats on your wedding too!! we must be xingfu!! thanks for the kind wishes!!!!

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