Friday, May 16, 2014

#raceTCYT Pre-wedding shots; memories for a lifetime.

To us, one of the most fun part about the wedding preparations (apart from the gown selection) was the pre-wedding & engagement photography which we place great emphasis on. It was also the first time we did a couple shoot because he was never a fan of being in front of the camera at all!

It was tired smiling the entire day but we are happy that the pictures turned out relatively okay. It could be better of course since everyone has different standards but for us, they were perfect the way we wanted them to be. He looked like a natural in front of the camera as well after years of training while I was feeling slightly awkward especially for the outdoor shots with people watching. Still, it was a really fun process and we probably won't be doing so well until we have a family maybe? (Enjoy the process fellow BTBs, do the shoot the way we want so it will be meaningful to both of you!! )

Honestly, I like the pre-engagement shots by AndroidinBoots better as the casual pictures depicts who we are as individuals and our common interests. The glam gowns and make-up I had for the wedding shoots on were nice but not quite me. I ended up changing the white gown for our AD as the white embellished one with 2metres long train though glam, was too heavy that it drove me nuts! Good for pictures, but a tad troublesome to walk in for the day. I ended up choosing a tube white dress with translucent lace front and back that my mum didn't quite approved haha!

For our casual shoot, we chose Sengkang Riverside Park since it was where we did our usual jogs and a place we were familiar with. During the first month of dating, I could remember us lying down on the empty grass patch randomly looking at the stars. Who knew that same plot of land was actually the very same spot where our future home would be at 5 years later?

To us, these are not just photos to be shoved aside after the wedding but memories for a lifetime that have captured our present (& more youthful self) to kick-start the next journey in life.

PS/ Did a long-winded dayre post on the wedding with phone pictures here as well! :)

These are some of our favourites pictures! :)


























Pre-wedding photography: Yvonne Creative
Gowns & Suits : Yvonne Creative
Bouquet & props: Yvonne Creative
Heels: Gripz Shoes (sponsored)
Locations: YC Studio, Dempsey Hill, Hort Park, Fort Canning

Casual shoot photography: AndroidsinBoots
Location: Sengkang Riverside Park


firstlove88 said...

I just took my pre wedding shoot at seng kang riverside park too :):):) Love that place though I haven't really explore it yet.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ying Tian! congrats to you both! Really love those pictures and all your wedding days highlights! Lovely couple! :)

Also, can I enquire you on sth? As im planning my wedding, and M hotel is one of my choices, for your wedding banquet, did you take the level 2 or level 10 banquet? As I was told by the hotel the level 2 ballroom is only approx 25 tables max, and level 10 is 32 tables max. Bcos I saw you have a straight march in, while level 10 ballroom showed an U shaped march in. So I am pretty confused w the layout. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks alot :)

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

Thank you dear!!

We took level 2, coz it's the only hall with straight march-in despite the ceiling being lower than level 10! it was a very long aisle which suits us! we took 32 tables for that which is squeezy max. I did a dayre post at you can refer to it! :)

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

firstlove88: YAY! u will love it, perfect for runs nx time!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post YT! Congrats to you both!!! (;

Would like to ask, I saw that Gripz heels are customized for your wedding, do they do customization of heels for wedding shoes? Do we have to send the design we want to them? And is it expensive? Thanks! :D

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

Anonymous: thank you so much!! :) They don't do it in the retail shops, but there's plenty of designs that will be suitable for the wedding! There's GSS sale right now so you can pop by their outlets! :)

AshleyTeo said...

Hi babe!

Ashley here! (your quiet fan girl n Bought the fav lime FC bag few months bag. ;p)

I'm so so glad that I realised you also engage Yvonne Creative.

I actually just took up their package just yesterday but as i was researching about their reviews now(there's mixed reviews)

Would you be kind to share your experience with Yvonne Creative?

I'm getting kinda worried that i made the wrong choice taking them actually but when i did some search and found that you got them for your big day(signs of relieve)

I notice your gowns are all so pretty!

may i ask who is the photographer and your MUA for Yvonne Creative and is there anything i do need to look out for? Sorry for the sudden crush in here.


Ying Tian said...

Hello Ashley!

Didn't know how to contact you, tried digging out my emails but I couldn't find. crossing fingers you will read here.

Same here, I signed up quite on impulse even before googling. And after signing up, reviews were pretty mixed online.

But don't worry, they are reputable! Definitely better than what I thought, wasn't the best but it was a smooth experience so I would recommend it! :)

My coordinator is May, MUA is Karen (wouldn't really recommend though). My photographer was damn good named Haha but he left alr I think.

Just keep calling them if you need anything and they are pretty accomodative. Anything you can look for their boss Karen.

Feel free to email me for faster response if you need more help.

Once again, congrats on your upcoming babe! Happy for you!!!!!!

Wendy said...

Hi hi, can I check how is your coordinator May? I recently tried my gowns and have a bad experience with her.

Blogger said...

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