Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The five days in Hong Kong was a blast as usual that I almost didn't want to come back.

HK is still one of my favourite countries in Asia for many reasons besides its awesome shopping & dining experience. It was the first country that I visited together with TC when we started dating and also the honeymoon place of my beloved parents. I'm one of those faithful ones who love revisiting my favourite places every year without fail, especially for Hong Kong & Bangkok. Each visit is always a different experience no matter how many times you walk down the same lane. The company you are with, the new or old places you visit as well as the fresh memories that you come back with. This time round it was with my sister who booked her tickets in the same week to join me and we had a good bonding time together! Stayed in a different hotel this time round, took many buses, ran at the streets in the morning with the locals, checked out coffee joint that I've been walking past over the years and realising by foot that our crumbs outlet is no longer at the same location at mongkok etc all added to the wonderful experience. Not forgetting the dinners with our HK friends and flying back with bulging bellies!

I didn't do much of an itinerary, just a mental note of addresses to check out so it was more of a free & easy trip to visit our fav places without letting schedules get in our way. And often, these are the best trips ever letting spontaneity being your best friend. I didn't shop as hard, just a couple of apparels and bags which I really love, as well as a truckloads of 3CE makeup! I will do a quick post for the trip really soon as we went certain places that I didn't go for the last 7 trips! Brought along my new Olympus baby so hopefully the pictures taken should be of higher quality than my usual iphone shots. I won't be repeating too much as the previous HK travelogue posts are already on the blog (at the side bar), which strangely had the highest traffic so far here!

Some travelling pictures that are on my instagram:-


The Run for Cover concluding post is still in my draft with some advertorials so hopefully it gets published out this weekend! Meanwhile, follow me on dayre! I'm not in the best condition to do the Energizer Trail Run this weekend but we will all survive and have fun.. good luck to those who have signed up. SEE YOU SEE YOU!! :D


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