Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hectic August

It's been a really busy August with the hectic work period, four races this month and also handling the house renovation concurrently. Blog posts have been slower but thank you for still checking back this space! I'm hardworking today so there's two posts in a row with a separate Run for Cover post below this! :)

And finally, we confirmed our interior designer yesterday after weeks of discussion and scanning quotes with five other choices. Now, we are just crossing fingers that the renovation process will be a relatively smooth one before moving in end of year. The theme and layout out have been decided months ago (kiasu like that) so we are really anxious to see the end-product. Cross fingers and toes! It's almost like a dream come true to have your own ROOF above your head, a walking wardrobe that I've always wanted and our own house to live in to start our family!

Heading to Bangkok in a few hours time with the best friends in abit and I'm really excited. Not so much for the clothes and food but this time round it's more to hunt for house-hold decoration items and to FEAST! Yay!

Crazy over printed items as well and most of our ASOS items that I received yesterday (on dayre) were printed too haha!

Dress c/o VGY, Melissa Wedges, HK Bag
Skirt c/o The Nine Dame, Gojane Heels, H&M Top, Warehouse bag

Hollyhoque tank, Skirt c/o VGY, Melissa Wedges, HK Bag
Dress c/o The Nine Dame, Celine Bag, Zara Heels
TTR Cut-in Cooper tank, American Eagle shorts, Zara shades
MGG frill tank, TTR skirt, C&K Heels, Warehouse Bag
Warehouse tank, Cotton On shorts, Aldo bag
Warehouse dress, Zara shades, HK bag

Will update when I'm back next week! :)


Tanya said...

I like the ruffled top.

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

thanks tanya! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi would you mind sharing which ID company you chose? Thanks!!