Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tri-Factor Run 2014

Last year, I took part in Tri-Factor Bike Series and so this year, it's back to my favourite running segment for this three-legged series.

This was a race that I've been looking forward to since it's held at my neighbourhood - Punggol Waterway Park, a familiar area where I usually do my own runs. The night before, I had to set numerous alarm notifications to wake up at 4.30am as the flag-off is at 5.30am, one of my earliest this year. Thanks to my dad for sending me there so early in the morning. :)

I'm totally not ready for the 31.5km distance which was the longest mileage I will be clocking since Sundown Marathon - 10km longer than a HM  and yet 10km shorter than a FM. All I could remember was telling myself I won't regret it any bit and this LSD will make me stronger.

It was a breezy morning and the sky was still dark. Runners for the 31.km categories queued at the starting line, all clad in neon.

Met the girls before we started, always happy to see familiar faces. And pre-races pictures are always looking better than post-races pictures (as proven haha)

Wore pastels for the day since the tee was a little too tight for me (put on weight!). Pic taken with no flash so yes, this is really the sky colour - just black.

Here we go with the other runners at 5.30am!

Did the first loop of Punggol Waterway Park which was about 10km with half of my eyes closed, before witnessing the sunrise at the second loop. The greenery was a feast for the eyes but still, it was alot of willpower to pound the pavement for two more rounds to clock the distance. 

Thankfully, there were no bottlenecks throughout the race even with the merging of lanes with the other categories. Clear distance markers and signages were situated at the site to guide the runners that made up for the strangely unenthusiastic volunteers. However one thing that was lacking was the energy food as there were only electrolytes gummies available, which might be insufficient for runners who were clocking longer distances. 

My stomach was growling even before the 21km mark and all I wanted to was to finish the distance and go for breakfast. I was pretty tempted to go back at the second loop for the 21km when the heat and fatique sunk in. Kept a constance slow pace and did what I could: focus, concentrate and press on!

Finally with a final turn up the slope that seemed like forever, I crossed the finishing line in 3 hours 29 minutes. Not the best but I've tried my best! :)

Exhausted but just happy to finish! :)

With the hard-earned medal as well as TC's Garmin Fenix 2 watch which was really cool, but big on my wrist. 

The distance mapped out on the computer synced from the watch

Happy to stick to my avg pace of 6:34 without any walking!

Overall, I'm happy with the timing and category ranking of 13 for this race. It was a tougher challenge for the mind than the legs this time - Mind over body all the way. Training myself to be more patient and concentrate on the loop instead of my mind wandering away all the time. Hopefully, the route will be much more interesting next year covering other parts of North East instead of a boring three loops? Haha.

Race article up on Runsociety here.

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