Thursday, October 30, 2014

Just Tangy : Yosi Samra in Singapore!

HEELS or FLATS... flats or heels?

Tough choice. I can't do without both and on long days especially after gym, I wish I had a pair of flats with me to change into. Yes, a pair of slippers will do the job but you just want to look not so sloppy and match your work outfit sometimes!

And guess what, now we can have the best out of both worlds with YOSI SAMRA! ;)

Hello to foldable LEATHER flats! 

The best part? It is so light that you can fit it into your tiny bag of yours! I carried the flats which comes along with a black drawstring bag inside my Proenza Schouler Bag the whole of last week. Just the size of your make-up pouch!

A quick introduction on the brand, Yosi Samra hails from New York, USA and is the creator behind the foldable flat revolution.

And now, you can get your pair exclusively at JUST TANGY Singapore, being the only store retailing it locally!


There are many yummy colours to pick from and I decided to pick my first pair in SAMRA ROSE PEWTER. Nude can never go wrong and the cap-toe pewter contrast is too cute! 

Every pair comes with a box and cloth bag for easy travels. And there's the subtle logo at the back of every flats!



Every girl needs a pair of ballet flats and comfort IS the key. No blisters and you can run your errands in your leather baby on your feet. Fold it, slip into the black bag and change into a fancier pair for your next appointment! Trust me, your feet will thank you.

YOSI SAMRA series have already been launched on Just Tangy HERE. They will be launching more colours in December and meanwhile, don't miss the classic colours! ;)


Say yay to comfty ballet flats! ;)
Key in "YSFREESHIP" for FREE SHIPPING on Yosi Samra Shoes till 4th Nov!

Shop now!


Audrey Ng said...

Hi Ying Tian!
It's me again! Idk which other avenue to contact you lol so gotta comment here!
Need your advice on exercising whilst overseas. Im not an active person but wanna know what do u normally do. I know u go the hotel gym. I dont have the habit but this will be my first cos it's my honeymoon trip! Will be a long trip to US yet i wanna stay trim lol ;)
Need your advice how do you pack? Cos gymwear and track shoes takes up space with my limited lugguage space :( And how do u deal with soiled gymwear? Wash and dry in hotel?
And what do u do if that hotel dont have a gym? How do u exercise then?
If possible could you email reply me?hehe!

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

Hi audrey!

Sorry I saw your comment SO LATE! usually i do exercises in my hotel room (HITT/T25 kinda workouts) if I'm bored with their gym! will usually pack two workout outifts (bra tops and shorts are the most compact) with a pair of shoes! and try to wash them/hang them in the toilet to dry. emailing u shortly!

ying tian

aboshady said...

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