Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Counting down.

How time flies, it's just THREE days more to the big move this weekend. Major packing going on especially with the hoarding of makeup, skincare, clothes, bags, shoes over the many years.

And the two months renovation process has officially ended! Not sure if I would miss the tedious process, endless messages with our ID, travelling around to source for items with the hubby, pulling our hair out and many more. Now, we are just glad that this is finally OVER and we can begin our staycation before Christmas! We won't be spending our Xmas at our place so we have skipped a full-sized Xmas tree this year for a tiny one for the mini house-warming!

The honeymoon couldn't come at a better timing though we wished we could have stay longer at the new place. Our last trip together was in Taiwan more than a year ago after getting our casual shoot done which seems like ages! Really looking forward to three weeks of couple time overseas! Throwing aside our work, errands, commitment behind for a white Christmas finally! :)


& i've updated my carousell (@ruffledwhiteskirt) with many items, all going cheaply! will keep posting when i find time to do so.. help me clear my wardrobe! <3


Anonymous said...

Good thing that your honeymoon is around the corner! For us, we were so lost after the reno, home furnishings shopping, the wedding prep, the BIG day and moving in. Busy til exhausted for 3 - 4 months, then suddenly nothing to be busy with lol!
Enjoy US! You will definately miss it once you are back. You made me miss my honeymoon alr ;) Enjoy the time tgt. Come back then update! ;)

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

hello audrey!!! so sorry I just saw this comment which is like damn late!

Can understand why you love US so so much and made it your destination. Our honeymoon was the best trip ever which helped to take away the post-reno stress!!

Will update on the trip and the house really soon. Thanks for checking back often and being so sweet!! Happy New YEAR!~!!!!!! <3