Monday, March 23, 2015

Thank you, Mr Lee.

23 March 2015.

The day where all Singaporeans go to work with a heavy heart.
For the entire of last week, I have been constantly checking PM Lee's FB page and keeping my fingers crossed quietly.
Mr Lee's health situation didn't seem positive especially with the word updates getting shorter each day.
Every letter was so painful to read and my heart felt heavy while trying to nurse my serious virus on a bed for week.

But, miracles will happen, right?

He's not any ordinary person after all.
He's our Founding Father who we have been looking up to since school days. 
The person that my father has been telling me about.
The figure that commands everyone's respect and whom we look forward to at every NDP.

Today seems like an ordinary Monday where I would rush to work feeling the "Monday Blues" sinking in especially after the tiring flea last night.
My heart sank to the bottom when I read through the tributes and reports over FB on the train.
The fact that he was gone was so hard to digest and I felt my eyes turning red.
Beside me was an elderly lady, she was sobbing while holding on to the "Get Well Soon" cards she has made for our Founding Father. I presumed she had intended to pass these hand-made love at SGH this morning.

Thank you Sir for all that you have done for us so selflessly. 
Rest in peace and we will miss you.
You have led such an inspiring and beautiful ninety one years.
Yet at the same time, we are happy that you are reunited with the love of your life, Mrs Lee again.
Singapore will never be the same again. 

Tonight's 9.1km will be done while with you in mind and all the contributions you have done to make Singapore so beautiful.
You are the reason why we can run in our neighbourhood without any fear, along clean rivers and down connectors while taking in the serene view of everything that is before us.
We may have never met but you have created such an impact to all our lives.
For me, my family, my friends and my future children.


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