Wednesday, April 1, 2015

House Tour - A crib to live, love, laugh

After months of liaising with our ID, buying trips around Singapore and endless trips to monitor the progress, we are finally done with our renovation process!

The best feeling was finally having our love nest to call our own which ended 2014 on a perfect note.

It's been about three months since we have shifted in and we have slowly got used to our own space as well as the daily chores that came together with it. Instead of heading out to town, our weekends were mostly spent chilling in our nest and enjoying our staycations.

I've finally compiled the pictures for this final house tour post. Credits of pictures go to I-Chapter, our friend, MW and my trusty iphone6/sony cam. So enjoy! :)



We painted our front door white (originally brown) to match the Scandivanian theme. As you can tell, the hubs is a total LOTR fan from the brown signage on our main door.


The platform area was a "suggested study-room area" which we didn't enclose nor do anything to it so that the living room will remain spacious.

One of my main concerns was having a huge shoe wardrobe to contain at least 100 pairs of shoes. All thanks to my ID for making it possible! The laminates on the shoe wardrobe were the same as the kitchen laminates and meter-compartment.

Where my heels are.

The right hand side were for wedges, flats and sports shoes.

Next to our main door was our mail holder to store keys and letters.

The hubby was a huge fan of swords and thus, this was another main criteria conveyed to our ID. It's even bigger than my shoe wardrobe and he is already thinking of extending it to the other end of the wall.

There's some storage space for more of his toys behind the sofa.

One of our fav features that we like was the 360 rotating television in between our cosy area and our sofa area. It allows us to watch television from the bar counter and dining area. Our ID has cleverly concealed all the television wires within the wall as well.


My favourite part of the house was the cosy area where we littered with cushions and bean bags. Good for gatherings and the somehow the kids love it.


Our ID suggested a wet & dry kitchen which we were fully supportive of. The "wet area" was enclosed with an aluminium black framed door for our cooking while the counter-top area at the "dry area" was our chilling/drinking area.minimal 

Also, the width was extended by hacking some parts of the walls to enlarge the space. We were both not a kitchen person but weirdly we have spent hours trying to whip up something decent. Very fun!

View from the wet kitchen


Most items were supplied by HDB so we just had to add our own barangs and window grilles.


For our walk-way leading to the rooms, we had the brickwall connecting to our bomb shelter for a form of continuity, As for the bomb shelter, it was concealed using laminates (same one as the tv area) with a tic-tac door.

The door frames for the rooms were painted in black to complement the white doors that our IDs have selected as we didn't opt for HDB doors. Jazzed the area with some our favourite quotes, picture frames and lightings and that's it!

This picture was taken during christmas before we reluctantly pasted our cheena CNY decorations up.

We love how it looks like at night with the warm lightings especially. All our door frames were painted black but picture was taken prior to that.


This room was kept bare with just a splash of mint paint to complement the living room's colours. It is currently our sports room before our kids come onboard hehe. 


One of our best decisions made was listening to our ID to hack the second room due to the original small space. It didn't help that the original walk-way to the MBR was at a 90 degrees angle which made it look ultra tiny. That enlarged the room visually by at least 40% which made alot of difference. 

As such, they had to conceal the original door opening of the second room and create a 45 degrees door opening (made with false gypsum board). The main bedroom door had to be shifted forward before the new door opening as well. Result: our bedroom now look so much bigger!

The colour themes were kept the same as the living room area, with the same laminates chosen for the side bed tables, tv and study area. For both the rooms, we overlay the flooring with matching vinyl flooring and chose a light champaign gradient Nippon paint to match it. Other walls were kept simple with pure white.

We really liked how our ID concealed the air-con trunkings (on the left) with a false triangle feature wall (that we could display pics and toys). 



This was the only toilet that we spent our bucks renovating fully since it will be the most utilized. We overlay the floorings and walls while adding lightings and acrylic panels to make the toilet looks brighter.

We are glad we listened to our ID of choosing dark colours so the toilets won't look so dirty and at the same time, it had a cosy feel which we like. For the ceiling, it was painted in a light grey shade (same as the other toilet).



My second favourite place apart from the platform for obvious reasons. It's a very happy feeling to enter my fashion space every morning to dress up before the day starts!

The false gypsum board was in a white tone with gold handles to match the inner interior. I'm glad I insisted on a white & gold theme instead of a monochrome theme to make the original cramp space look so much wider.

The entrance

Picture taken before shifting in to show the storage area. The many shelves behind the huge mirror were for storing our folded clothes, shorts and barangs.

Dressing area in white & gold

The adjustable shelves with black tinted mirror to store my bags

Another concern I had were having enough space to store all my accessories. I mean no point if everything looks good but is not functional for us, the owners right? And so far so good, the drawers were sufficient to serve its purpose (for now).

All inner storage items were bought from Taobao.

My clothes were on the left while his is on the right. Reason was due to safety reasons coz with his height, the chandelier lights were somehow still slightly low for him :(

shelves below the wardrobe to store my shorts, skirts and exercise wear.

Ivan Yeo, who is the MD from I-Chapter can be contacted at 9003 8283 / directly. We will not be sending any quotations to be fair to him as items pricing differ according to material chosen and dimensions.

Despite some inevitable slight hiccups along the way, he made sure that he delivered what was promised from the start and rectified any items that we pointed out. Communications were done via phone calls, what-aps group chats and discussions at his office. We were pretty pleased with the end results at the end.

That's the end of the house tour and how it transformed from a bare space months back to our own comfort space now. :)

Hope you guys enjoyed the home renovation entries, something different apart from the usual fashion & sports posts! :)



Lerine Lwt said...

I love the design of your house. if i had a chance i will really go for a 5room rather then a 4room. So beautiful done up.

Could you mind sharing with me, for your kitchen, those sauce holder and container where did you got them? I couldn't find it on tb or any where else.

please share it with me.

thank you.

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

Lewine: thanks babe! actually the difference between both sizes is just the living room haha. comes at a price of more space to clean just that looks spacious!

here's the tb links :)
container -

sauce container -

Lerine Lwt said...

Thank you.
For the sauce container, sad to say is already oos.

Anonymous said...

Hi may I know how much did u pay for the whole renovation including furnitures? It's really beautiful

Wu said...

Hello! I really love your crib and am going to use it as a reference for my nest. By the way, where did you get the topiary that is in your toilet? Thanks!

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

anony: hello! we spent about $80k or so. thanks alot!

wu: hi! it's bought from taobao. ikea has similar greenery for displays as well. really cheap too! :)

Lerine Lwt said...

hi, for the window grille did you did it for your service yard as well?

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

Lerine: nope service yard don't have coz not suitable! :)

Lerine Lwt said...

so you did only all the rooms and living rooms. then for server yard did you did windows girlle and windows?

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

windows yes, grilles no :)

Lerine Lwt said...

ok. thanks.

Lerine Lwt said...

sorry to ask again, for the windows did you do it with legate as well?

Anonymous said...


Your house is really beautiful!
I'm looking at kompacplus for my kitchen work top as well but I'm worried about its heat/water resistance (after all it's wood!) and we cook quite often as a couple...
Just want to check with u on how has it been so far and is it easy to maintain?


Anonymous said...

Awesome house! I'm loving your walk-in wardrobe!
Yes, I would also like to know about Kompacplus table top, especially near the sink areas.
Also can I check where did you get the decals on the glass for your service yard and toilet? I'm looking for those!
Taobao as well? =)

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

Thank you! Kompacplus is waterproof, fire-proof and very sturdy so we haven't met any problems with it in the kitchen or counter-top. We wipe it after every meal prep and it issn't hard to maintain at all :)

The decals are from taobao!

Jerrine said...

Hi, may I know where did you get the bedsheet + quilt cover + pillow case and the sofa cushion?

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

Jerrine: The quilt cover and bed sheets are from Victoria Secrets :)

Sofa cushion is all from TB, very cheap only!

Anonymous said...

Omg, your house is really nicely done up! & the price you pay for the whole renov is so worth it! My boyfriend was quoted a sky high $36k on just laminated flooring, kitchen cabinets, 3 other room's cabinets, featured wall for tv, thats all! I think your house is really worth every single penny of that 48k!

Anonymous said...

Hello dear is ur house a HDB? If so, how many room flat? Cos it looks pretty big!!

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

Anonymous: Our quote was the the middle range of what we received and we decided to proceed coz the items sound quite reasonable. Partly coz we didn't overlay the living area nor do the common toilet so it didn't exceed the budget. Now reno really not cheap, do abit already so ex! :(

Anonymous: Photo angle and the layout I think. Just a normal 5r :)

Anonymous said...

HI dear! What a lovely crib you have! :) Do you mind sharing where do you get the ceiling fans from and also the service yard "handle" that holds the brooms etc? :) Thanks!

ruffledwhiteskirt said...

thank you so much babe! here's the info that you need :)

Haiku fan - along balestier road (i forgot the shop name but here's the hp number u can text - 9672 9391)

Service Yard - bought from taobao I love it! (link-

Devin Newton said...

Your house is so cool! I think the rotating TV is amazing. And I love how you guys delegated a special place to store the things you like. Your interior designer did a pretty awesome job. Thanks for giving us a tour of your home. Cheers!

Devin Newton @ Indy Market Homes

Gladys Quek said...

Hello! I really love the white doors of your walk-in-wardrobe. Could you share what is the material of the door and is it laminated or spray painted? How much did the doors and the gold handles cost?
Thank you in advance! (:

Anonymous said...

Hi may i know the link for your inner storage for your accessories?

Anonymous said...

Hi, are your living room walls pure white or pearl white? Thanks!

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