Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June x 17 weeks!

Hello, June!

I'm 17 weeks and it's just 22 weeks more to go!

The exciting bit was discovering the gender of our little one last week. I just couldn't stand the suspense anymore and shifted the appointment earlier hahaha.


This was the top question we had burning inside us and what everyone has been asking (and placing their bets on). And now we finally knew whee!

So.. for the last long weekend we finally got started on our baby clothes shopping and EVERYTHING is so tiny and cute! This is getting addictive but shopaholic mummy has to MAINTAIN abit. At least I hope so hahaha. Carters is now my favourite website apart from ASOS.

Morning sickness is still occurring in the second trimester but on certain days, it didn't get so bad. I realised it has nothing to do with what I eat coz everything just comes out after every meal. Just hoping it gets better since second trimester is the best (what I've heard) and I can go for my mini break! I keep telling myself it's only temporarily and all part of the process which I will miss next time.

One of the highlights last weekend was witnessing my dearest buddy, Mel getting hitched after more than a decade long of dating (since JC!). We can't be anymore excited for her seeing them embark on their new chapter in life. Lots and lots of love from the sisters!


With the beautiful bridemaids all in purple!


Night outfit.

Be back soon with more posts (the shorter ones are on my dayre x eyeletskirt)- I love such short personal posts coz it's so easy to just type and publish. Shall do it more often! :)


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