Monday, August 31, 2015

Goodbye August! (Week 25-31)

Today marks the last day of Aug! Week 31.

The third trimester has been bearable so far even though my daily routines are getting a tad harder to execute with my tummy getting sharper day by day with sleepless nights being a common affair due to S's kicks. However, I'm thankful for the precious time spent with the husband lately before we expand our family really soon. Lots of excitement, anticipation and nervousness all in at the final 9 weeks!


Baby shopping has finally ended as we slowly ticked item-by-item in the check-list. Honestly, I never knew there were so many things to buy and things are not as cheap as what I thought. Good news is that for now, we can sit back and relax before the renovations kicks in next month.

I went for my girly baby-moon to Bangkok with my best friend before the end of the second trimester. Entries are on my dayre account. I was lucky that our trip which was booked way in advance (before finding out about S) was approved by my gynae! It was one of the most enjoyable trips ever, just doing nothing but shopping, eating and massaging throughout the five days. 

Working out has became harder as well but I'm still determined to stay active all for S. A small step is better than none. Ever since I stopped running after my last Shape Run, I've been having withdrawal symptoms but brisk-walking is thankfully still an alternative. I never knew I could sweat SO MUCH just walking at a jogging pace and swinging my arms.

And lastly, #dressingthebump outfits for the second and third trimesters to embrace the huge bump! Initially it was challenging styling flats for work as I'm so used to my power heels for years but now I'm kinda used to it. Or rather being short haha.

Also, I will be collaborating with a local nursing fashion brand to introduce apparels suitable for mothers (who plan to nurse & look good at the same time) so stay tuned! 


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