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Stryder's Birth Story

Finally sparing some time to blog about Stryder's birth story that is still etched in my mind in between feeds. I realised that jotting the story down actually helps in the post-natal process as a form of recovery for myself.

Warning: Super long post ahead.

Week 40: To induce or not?

Upon commencing my ML on week 38, I've been advised to wait for signs of labour (contractions, blood, ache etc) while getting as much rest as possible. I kept my evenings clear for this long-awaited blind date, while trying my best to get enough sleep before his surprise arrival.

Day after day, I waited and there were no signs of labour at all. Friends and gym instructors were asking "You still haven't popped?!" and my answer was the same each time.

I could still gym daily and didn't feel that "pregnant" at all as compared to first tri despite hitting full-term. Stryder was still actively kicking inside me and I was enjoying his daily movements.

One of his favourite songs I realised was "Uptown funk" that was played during the chest weight track at Bodypump. He would turn into this hyper-bunny with his kicks synchronizing with the music beats. 

Finally on the last day of week 39, I had my gynae appointment. At last. My last visit after 40 weeks!

"Issit normal not to feel anything? I think baby is getting too comfortable"
"Do you want to induce baby this coming Sunday as you will be hitting week 40 tml? Or wait till the final deadline of 41?"
"I can wait but will there be any risks?"
"Baby MAY poo inside you after 40 so if that happens we have to opt for C-Sect instead of natural birth"
"Erm induce then. But what if baby comes out during the next four days before November?"
"Then no need to say, it's fated lor."

We thought it was the best decision at that point since the risks of waiting for labour is higher than the risks of procedures to get it going.

Over the next four days, hubs and I were speaking to him to feel free to come out so we didn't need to opt for an induce on 40w+4.

Outdoor shoot @ 36 weeks

Maternity shoot at 39 weeks @ home! Thanks to Mel, will post up when they are processed :)

Hubs was extremely sweet to get me my chocolate cake for an early birthday celebration! Together with my fav mango sticky rice too.

Earlier in the year, I was casually mentioning that I wanted either a chocolate or matcha cake for my birthday this year and he remembered! My wish was simple this year, just a smooth delivery for Stry and mummy.

Last carbo-loading dinner - Samurai Beef burger with twister fries. Our last meal as a family of 2.

Stry's Birth Story

On 31 Oct, there were still zero contractions so we made our way to the hospital at 11.30pm. Stry was adamant about being a November baby!
Final look at the bump before grabbing our bags. Still feeling rather calm. 

S's first go-home #ootd that I've prep for him!
With our staycation barangs like fighting war lol.

I was immediately brought into the delivery ward to be checked. My cervix was still closed with no signs of dilation at all. 
Seems like my first labour is going to take damn long. Hubs then texted our family to NOT to visit us the next day before 5pm.

Next, the nurses inserted this pill that contained prostaglandins to help ripen the cervix and stimulate the contractions. Pretty uncomfortable to have a nurse sticking her finger up your V twice lol. Given a jab as well but I've no idea what it's for.

I was made to lie down on the bed for two more hours to monitor before going up to my ward to rest. By 2am, we were feeling really exhausted and were told that the delivery process will start on 9am the following day.

Computer that shows the contraction level. Just 1 only. 
I was actually feeling relieved that there were still no contractions so I could sleep in my ward! 

Checked out our ward happily which was of a decent size. I kept telling myself it was a staycation - just relax and all will be fine! Still, that night I had trouble falling asleep at a new environment while hubs was snoring away. 

1 November

At 7am, I was served some toast and milo for energy to "push and work hard", as quoted from the nurse. I slapped on my full skincare regime to distract myself a little and packed a lipbalm in my pocket before heading down.

Last couple pic!

Last #ootd and #dressingthebump while holding to Stry's toy elephant for that extra motivation. The nurses thought it was my own personal 臭臭 LOL! 

I was first given pre-labour enemas to clear my bowels and in less than 5 minutes, the medication took effect.

Started the process with the nurse checking my cervix again. I dreaded the cervix checking process as each time, it was so uncomfortable that I did a bridge pose with my bum being super tensed up.

"2cm. Finally. Not too bad a start but long way to go! "

Nurse warned that with my low pain threshold, I might not be able to survive vaginal birth and checked if I wanted epidural. She said that with pitocin used during induction, the contractions would be way more intense. I insisted on sticking to our birth plan and not use epidural if possible. Back at my mind, I just wanted to avoid any side-effects if possible and also, to undergo that pain that my mum went through while having me.

11am -
Contractions were building up at an intense rate and I could no longer have that strength to text anymore. I was then given the good old laughing gas which helped a little. Read about a tip about breathing the gas even before the contractions kicked in so as to distract the mind on the impending pain. It actually works!

Gynae then entered the room to burst my waterbag.

We were monitoring Stry's heartbeat at the side computer and my contractions level were going up rapidly. Hitting 80 at a point which had me clutching to the side bed and squeezing my elephant at the other hand. I felt so helpless and was at the mercy of the contractions that were coming quickly every few minutes.

Hubs was beside me all along and kept asking if I was okay by patting me. I didn't reply him a single bit and he said I was shivering endlessly scaring the wits out of him.

"Another cervix checking session - 5cm"

5cm. Which means another 5 long hours to go with this crazy pain.

12pm - 
Hubs asked if I wanted to opt in for the epidural and was afraid I would pass out any moment. I was very pale and the laughing gas had no effect while I was holding on to my mask like some drug addict.
We took the form from the nurse and on it, was a whole list of possible side-effects ranging from mild to severe for us to accept. I decided that since we are almost half-way through this race, I would just bite on for "awhile". It didn't make sense to opt in only at such a late stage. The nurse also told us the epi doctor would only come in 1 hour later as it's a Sunday.

"Cervix check - 6cm."
By then, I was shivering like mad and tilting towards the left of the bed while the contraction levels have exceeded 100. Laughing gas was losing its effect and like what hubs said, maybe it was just a placebo instead of pain relief haha.

My poor husband was helplessly watching and tried to talk to me but I couldn't hear a single bit.

I think I irritated the nurse so much that she kept coaxing me and said

"If you want me to help you, you have to help yourself"

By that hour, I was closing my eyes tight while imagining I was at my usual yoga class just inhaling and exhaling out calmly. It was tough to clear the mind at that point but I kept telling myself to numb off the pain and stay calm. 

Mind over body. Almost at the finishing line!

Gynae then arrived to check my cervix. Again.

"10cm and baby's head was at the bottom finally!"

Somehow, he has decided to sprint that 4cm in 30 minutes to see the world a little earlier! 

Gynae did the episiotomy procedure on me and by then, any pain was already overshadowed by the previous contractions. 

TC was feeling more calm by then while holding my hands to motivate me to push with all my might.

My legs were then propped up onto this elevator thingky while I was given cues to just squat and squeeze with all my might.

Luckily for me, the contractions have declined and I was feeling more alive despite sweating profusely for hours. It was a continuous feeling of having this urge to poo since baby's head was adding so much pressure on my pelvic.

Pushing was like doing squats so pain factor was low, just alot of discomfort with so many people scrutinizing your sensitive bits.

"In four pushes, his head was out!"

"Baby is out soon dear, you are doing a good job!"

Last 500m to go. 

I closed my eyes and pushed with all the remaining strength inside me with my hands still squeezing my elephant. Super intense feeling.

Before I knew it, Stry was out and placed on my chest by the nurses!

"Congrats Mummy, you did it!!!"

Super emotional moment while I teared non-stop with his face on my chest. 

The subsequent stitching of the wound hurts like a bitch but my heart was free, Stry was healthy and safe.

I was fortunate that my four hours vaginal birth delivery process was generally smooth. It could have been even longer. Half of the time, it was about the mental mind to stay focus while the next half was for the body to cooperate. Staying active has definitely helped to speed things up.

Big smile by Daddy who has been through so much with me :)

Our first family picture taken by the nurse who insisted on capturing the moment. I felt like a wreck but holding him made everything worthwhile. 

Obviously cheating with my lash extension & brows embroidery so as to look less cui 

Next subsequent hours were equally crazy with me bleeding so much and beyond exhausted. Hubs said I was throwing so much temper around and showing my hunger fangs oops. 

Toilet affairs were like a halloween scene and the worst thing was that I couldn't bathe.

That night (or rather morning), I sent my first long email to S, an idea given to me by my friend. 

His email address was created while waiting for his arrival and I plan to pass him the password on his birthday when he grows older. Probably by then it would be flooded with hundreds of emails from the crazy mummy. :)

Stryder which meant "warrior", was inspired from Lord Of The Ring's Strider which was TC's favourite movie. 

We decided on the variant spelling - Stryder in the end. Besides t & y being our initials, we hope that with the meaningful "try" letters incorporated, he would do his best in his life journey without giving up.

Happy one week+ old darling. 
 To you and to us too. 

 I don't know how all this happened but thank you for being ours. <3 

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