Friday, June 17, 2016

SK-II Dream Again!

What do your dreams mean to you? Are you living yours? 

When I was young, I used to dream about owning a library and being surrounded by brown rustic pages. That was before technology took over our lives. I would role play with my sister, converting our precious Sweet Valleys and Enid Blytons collection into a mini library to loan to our friends. That pleasure of stamping the due date and seeing how our friends enjoyed reading is part of my precious childhood. When I was slightly older, I realised that it was just this wishful dream as being a librarian would not pay my bills. Reality of growing up.

For now, my only dream is to travel and run at the same time while juggling motherhood. And hopefully incorporating fitness into my career plans when things are more stable. Another dream-turned-reality is to bring Stry to see the world while I get to tick my bucket list one at a time. Hopefully to run all my World Major Marathons by 60 yo. Tokyo ticked and five more to go!

I hope Stry starts dreaming when he is slightly older, be it a fantasy or idea. To have a plan in his mind and go after it. Anyone can dream. But turning it to reality requires a plan to work towards it step by step.

For all SK-II fans like myself, you will be glad to know that SK-II is having a pop-up campaign again!

Date: 21 June 2016 Tuesday
Time: 11am - 4pm
Location: One Raffles Place

 Drop by SK-II Dream Again Pop Up for a special surprise from SK-II! Good things must share.

Not only that, adults would be able to enter and talk to (super cute!) kid dream counselors about living their dreams.

See you there!

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Impossible is nothing, love conquers everything

"Impossible is nothing, love conquers everything"

This is a personal mantra that I live by each day, as seen on my dayre account since Day 1.

Love for my newborn baby boy, love for exercising, love for fashion, love for my work, love for my loved ones. This LOVE is my source of fuel to keep me going in life and juggle my current multiple roles. 

I'm still determined to exercise, dress up and turn up in style despite all the hectic-ness - because when you look good, you feel good!

This above picture was taken yesterday in a mad rush prior to work, after sending my baby boy to my care-giver every morning. I'm trying to record my outfit pictures (
be it a tripod shot or quick snapchat shots) whenever I  can so when I look back at my phone gallery, my pictures motivate me to dress up better. Sloppiness is not an excuse because I am vain like that.

And also, to write as much as I can. Be it blog or dayre posts. So much backlogs (on races esp) which I will not stress myself to clear, so future posts will all be on current present! I hope to continue writing here as reading my past posts can be rather therapeutic. So much have changed over the years with new chapters unfolding. Yet I still feel like the same me since day 1 - more matured but generally still the same. I think?

You know you are a breast-feeding mummy when your daily outfit choices revolve around accessibility to your breasts.


Dressing to NURSE is indeed more challenging than #dressingthebump. I'm sticking to separates, wrap dresses, maxi dresses and nursing tops for now, especially to work since I pump at my office desk.

Initially it is a little troublesome deciding on my outfit every night but now I'm used to it. Anything for my baby, even if it means saggy boobs, balding head and milk squirted onto my outfits.

Hoping to hit a year minimum for exclusively breast-feeding, especially for my first baby. Currently 6 months and going, yay! 

To fellow nursing mummies: we can do this! <3



Thursday, April 21, 2016

Celebrating Mother’s Day with SK-II‏

"Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother."

It's true that only when you become a mother yourself will you appreciate your mother fully.

After embarking onto this motherhood journey six months ago and knowing how tedious it is, I started to see my mum in a different light. Her selflessness, resilience and how hard she slogged through the years just to bring me up who I am today.

I hope I did her proud in my own ways.

No words can ever express my full gratitude towards her. Every year during Mothers' Day when asked what she wanted as a present, her same reply would be for me to be an obedient daughter and not let her down.

Today, her first grandson Stryder is blessed with  the same love and care that she has showered him so affectionately with. She has been my best role model for me to follow. With patience, hard work and lots of love, I hope to be the same mother to Stryder as well.

Happy Mothers' day, mummy. To you and to me.


To celebrate the special woman that every mother is, SK-II will also be holding its first ever biggest mother-daughter brunch at the beautiful South Beach Hotel on 7th May 2016.

This heartwarming video below shows the power of a mother’s touch throughout her daughter’s life milestones. 

To join The Biggest SK-II Mother’s Day Brunch, sign up your mom or daughter as an SK-II Crystal Club Member and pamper her with SK-II products worth SGD499 to receive an invite for both of you to the event.

The event (worth $800) entitles you to:
·         A special brunch at the exclusive 5-star The South Beach Hotel
·         A personalized flower bouquet
·         SK-II door gifts
·         A chance to win a 2D1N staycation at The South Beach Hotel

For more details, please visit the Facebook page here.

SK-II has always been my holy grail skincare since Day 1. I can't wait to pamper my mum with good skin too because she deserves every bit of it! :)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sponsored post: Shopping at

I can't deny this - online shopping is even more addictive during my confinement and maternity leave. That joy of having the postman knocking on your door and having your desired items delivered promptly to brighten up your day!

Thanks to the team at Toddle, I had the opportunity to shop for Stry! Read on for a discount code at the end of the post.

Shopping process

I usually shop on my phone out of convenience especially during nursing time. However this time round, I tried out both web and mobile options while reviewing for this post which were equally convenient.

Toddle's web interface comes in clearly displayed categories on top which is complemented by easy to read fonts and appealing pictures. 

Mobile interface is equally user-friendly with an appealing mix of orange and blue. Easy to navigate as well! The SEARCH function ranks one of the top functions so that customers like myself can skip going through all the categories to find our item. Time is precious especially when you have a newborn fussing for your attention most of the time. Below the search function is a drop-down menu box with items clearly categorized for easy navigation.

Registering an account on the site before proceeding was fuss-free and took me less than a minute! With an account, you can keep track of all your orders at just one click.

With the wide variety of items on the site, it took me quite a while to decide what to purchase! First thing I clicked on were the Taggies toys, Ergo Baby Carriers, Tommee Tippee, Spectra, Medela and Nuk. It helps that some of the items came with video so I could see how it could be used instead of just viewing its pictures.

One suggestion though, perhaps the site can consider stocking up popular items like Tula carriers, Jujube bags, Philips Avent bottles in future? :)

After an hour or so, I finally checked out Neckerchew (chewy bib) and an Ergobaby Carrier since these are items that I need with Stry hitting 4 months soon. Chewy bib to help with his teething stage and another carrier to bring him around. 

Other items that caught my eyes were the Sherbet Lamb Soft Toy, Angel Baby Bottom Balm, Baby Bodysuits and Tommee Tippee Bottles. They also had the Spectra 9+ breastpump which I'm currently using - portable and does a decent job!

Delivery process

Delivery was free for purchases above $70, not hard to hit with their wide range of products! 

I was pleasantly surprised when the courier came knocking on my door in the evening on the SAME DAY that I have checked out the items. Not complaining even though the site states 1-3 days for delivery! 

As I was not at home, I gave the delivery man instructions to leave it in the meter riser which he followed up with an sms after a phone call once it's done.

Instead of the usual envelopes/boxes, the items came in a mint paper bag for a more personalized shopping experience. Almost like retail therapy in brick & mortar shops, just that it's done at your own home!

Products quality

Here's my goodies in the mint bag which looks exactly like the pictures.

Unveiling my first Ergobaby carrier which came in a sturdy white box! Being spoilt for choices on the site, I almost picked the rose shade but the soothing mint colour calls out to me more. It's unisex so my husband can carry Stryder as well!

So pretty!

Instantly tried it out to see how comfortable it is as compared to my two other Tula carriers. Clear instructions were displayed at the back but I referred to the video on the site for instructions. 

With its 100% cotton material, the carrier is comfortable to wear for long hours. One thing that set it apart from Tulas was its bigger storage pocket in front to store keys and essentials. The cushy padded shoulder straps were my husband's favourite but it was a tad bulky on my frame. With Stry being almost 6.5kg with his stable neck, I could do away with an infant insert for this Ergo carrier. Wore it out that evening and I could walk for long hours with its padded waist belt that assures that baby's weight is evenly distributed between hips and shoulders. Thumbs up!

Stryder LOVES me to baby-wear him since he thinks he's going out. But sorry darling, it's stay at home this morning! Do you like this new carrier?

Yes I think so. Another carrier with sleeping dust in it.

Next up was this cutesy REVERSIBLE bib for Stry which I instantly carted. Dinosaur on one side, green shade on the reverse!

Comes with a chewy teether attached, the world's first bib for teething babies! Saves me the #firstworldproblem of babies dropping teethers on floor since this combines both bibs and teethers into one.

And I must say he looks super adorable in it that I couldn't resist snapping more. Sorry for the video spam of him in this on my snapchat (@eyeletskirt) oops.

WAIT mummy i'm NOT ready.

Okay this is better!

Do I look cute in it?

Dressed him up in this over a monkey romper and wore him with my Ergobaby carrier that evening. He's one happy and sleepy baby!


A happy first time shopping experience on and I'm sure it won't be my last too!
Fuss-free online shopping checked, free & prompt delivery checked, quality product items checked.

Now you can shop for your babies or for baby shower gifts anytime!

Quote "yt10" for 10%* off all purchases from Toddle!


*Purchases have to be above $50 and users have to sign up for a new account

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Review: Handmade Soaps from Korea - MyBlackShop

During my third trimester of my pregnancy, MyBlackShop contacted me to review these handmade soaps from Korea for slimming, bust enhancing & whitening purposes. I was initially sceptical of these products as I've always believe there's no short-cuts in achieving your ideal body shape.

 The owner offered to send me their sample soaps to try out and I can reject the advertorial if they didn't work out for me. Decided that there's no harm in trying them out since these NATURAL soaps are 100% safe for pregnant ladies! I rarely take up advertorials unless I could relate to these products so read on for the full review of its results.

Tried all the three soaps for a month while I continue to feedback to the seller on the results. I was enjoying the nightly pampering sessions after work on my last pregnancy stretch. Results started to show and I was extremely pleased with the bust-enhancing and whitening especially. However for the slimming soap, results were not evident and I was ballooning week after week with Stryder growing rapidly each day. Thus, we decided to proceed with the advertorial only after I have popped and after confinement to monitor the results. That's only fair to both the seller, myself and my readers.

And tada.. I have good news! :)


Here's how the soaps came in - protected via bubble-wrapped with each soap separately wrapped in brown paper with the ingredients (so you will know what you are using!) and functions clearly labelled at the back.

Which would you unwrap first?



Each pretty soaps are hand-cut so they come in various sizes. But rest assured about the weight as it's all consistent so ignore if the various soaps look different. You are definitely not short-changed!

I especially love how they smell so good since scent is one of the most important factor when I choose my toiletries! Also, all three soaps are differentiated by its colour with the whitening soap being the whitest for obvious reasons.:P

Ingredients: rice milk, coconut oil, olive fruit oil, palm kernel oil & glycerin.


This was the first that I've tried out in the shower which targets to lighten scars and dark spots on the face and body! Usage is easy, just foam it up and to gently massage it all over the body for 30 seconds before washing them off in warm water.

Due to the sports I do, I get prone to tan lines easily which have resulted in uneven skintone on my body. It didn't help that my face skintone is much whiter than my body due to my diligent skincare as well. Thus, I particularly focus on the darker areas on my body like the armpit, knees and elbow before washing them off. Now I can pamper my body the way I pamper your face! Don't you wish they have body mask easily available at home just like face masks?


My skin is now more hydrated with my skintone being much even out. Now I can pamper myself with these soaps after my morning runs!

Good reviews from other fellow users as well!

Ingredients: Papaya extract, French Rose flower oil, Macadamia nut oil, Olive fruit oil, Palm kernel oil, Glycerin
(The papaya extract & rose oil helps stimulate the endocrine supplement to achieve breast enhancement.)


Usage of this bar soap is slightly different from the first soap as massage is required for best results!

More instructions on how to massage here. Basically just scoop and then massage in a clock-wise directions

One thing to note was that this soap should only be used on the bust area and not anywhere else. I apply this on the chest area after the whitening soap while massaging for about 30 seconds. No pictures shown for even obvious reasons.


During the pregnancy period, my bustline has increased but sadly, the firming portion does not come together with size. Thus, regular massaging with the soap with gym exercises has helped my chest area to be perkier with a more obvious cleavage.

Before: 32" (taken in October 2015)
After: 33.5" (taken in January 2016)

Dressing up made happier as well! :)

& real life reviews don't lie!

I was most eager to try out this soap with its magical word "slimming" shouting out to most ladies like myself!

I gained 9.5kg during my pregnancy period while exercising throughout and trying to watch my diet a little (not too successful though). Shedding the excess 4kg post-natal came naturally due to breast-feeding, stress and exercising. However, the tricky part was toning up the flabby bits (thighs, tummy especially) and to be more hardworking.

Now this soap claims to improve metabolism to burn unwanted fats easier as the ingredients helped to accelerate blood circulation. So does it work?!


Once again for best results, it's best to use the massage technique:-

Gently massage the area that you wish to slim down for 30 seconds and wash off. (click here for more details on the tummy massage).

I started with sliding my hands down firmly before massaging the flabby area in a clock-wise motion and proceeding to the side of the waist. I love using this soap after a run, best way to kill two birds in one stone! It smells great which made showering much more enjoyable while knowing your body is toning up bit by bit!


Before: 27" (taken in October 2015)
After: 24" (taken in January 2016)

A slimmer waist line and flatter tummy at two months post-natal after using this soap daily combined with exercising thrice a week.  Still an inch away from my pre-natal waistline and hopefully the abs will be more obvious in half a year time from continuous usage and gym efforts!

There's no short-cut to losing weight except from having a proper diet with exercising but with the slimming soap that helps to speed up toning, why not?







A flatter tummy means taking out your crop tops to play again!


Thank you MyBlackShop for sending these soaps along my way to pamper myself (pre and post-natal) and to enjoy the results that came along with diligent use!

Now you can get your hands on these soaps as well!

Quote "yingtian" for 10% of all purchases from TheBlackShop!

(click HERE for guide for usage of discount code)

Happy showering & pampering yourself ladies!


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