Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Review: Handmade Soaps from Korea - MyBlackShop

During my third trimester of my pregnancy, MyBlackShop contacted me to review these handmade soaps from Korea for slimming, bust enhancing & whitening purposes. I was initially sceptical of these products as I've always believe there's no short-cuts in achieving your ideal body shape.

 The owner offered to send me their sample soaps to try out and I can reject the advertorial if they didn't work out for me. Decided that there's no harm in trying them out since these NATURAL soaps are 100% safe for pregnant ladies! I rarely take up advertorials unless I could relate to these products so read on for the full review of its results.

Tried all the three soaps for a month while I continue to feedback to the seller on the results. I was enjoying the nightly pampering sessions after work on my last pregnancy stretch. Results started to show and I was extremely pleased with the bust-enhancing and whitening especially. However for the slimming soap, results were not evident and I was ballooning week after week with Stryder growing rapidly each day. Thus, we decided to proceed with the advertorial only after I have popped and after confinement to monitor the results. That's only fair to both the seller, myself and my readers.

And tada.. I have good news! :)


Here's how the soaps came in - protected via bubble-wrapped with each soap separately wrapped in brown paper with the ingredients (so you will know what you are using!) and functions clearly labelled at the back.

Which would you unwrap first?



Each pretty soaps are hand-cut so they come in various sizes. But rest assured about the weight as it's all consistent so ignore if the various soaps look different. You are definitely not short-changed!

I especially love how they smell so good since scent is one of the most important factor when I choose my toiletries! Also, all three soaps are differentiated by its colour with the whitening soap being the whitest for obvious reasons.:P

Ingredients: rice milk, coconut oil, olive fruit oil, palm kernel oil & glycerin.


This was the first that I've tried out in the shower which targets to lighten scars and dark spots on the face and body! Usage is easy, just foam it up and to gently massage it all over the body for 30 seconds before washing them off in warm water.

Due to the sports I do, I get prone to tan lines easily which have resulted in uneven skintone on my body. It didn't help that my face skintone is much whiter than my body due to my diligent skincare as well. Thus, I particularly focus on the darker areas on my body like the armpit, knees and elbow before washing them off. Now I can pamper my body the way I pamper your face! Don't you wish they have body mask easily available at home just like face masks?


My skin is now more hydrated with my skintone being much even out. Now I can pamper myself with these soaps after my morning runs!

Good reviews from other fellow users as well!

Ingredients: Papaya extract, French Rose flower oil, Macadamia nut oil, Olive fruit oil, Palm kernel oil, Glycerin
(The papaya extract & rose oil helps stimulate the endocrine supplement to achieve breast enhancement.)


Usage of this bar soap is slightly different from the first soap as massage is required for best results!

More instructions on how to massage here. Basically just scoop and then massage in a clock-wise directions

One thing to note was that this soap should only be used on the bust area and not anywhere else. I apply this on the chest area after the whitening soap while massaging for about 30 seconds. No pictures shown for even obvious reasons.


During the pregnancy period, my bustline has increased but sadly, the firming portion does not come together with size. Thus, regular massaging with the soap with gym exercises has helped my chest area to be perkier with a more obvious cleavage.

Before: 32" (taken in October 2015)
After: 33.5" (taken in January 2016)

Dressing up made happier as well! :)

& real life reviews don't lie!

I was most eager to try out this soap with its magical word "slimming" shouting out to most ladies like myself!

I gained 9.5kg during my pregnancy period while exercising throughout and trying to watch my diet a little (not too successful though). Shedding the excess 4kg post-natal came naturally due to breast-feeding, stress and exercising. However, the tricky part was toning up the flabby bits (thighs, tummy especially) and to be more hardworking.

Now this soap claims to improve metabolism to burn unwanted fats easier as the ingredients helped to accelerate blood circulation. So does it work?!


Once again for best results, it's best to use the massage technique:-

Gently massage the area that you wish to slim down for 30 seconds and wash off. (click here for more details on the tummy massage).

I started with sliding my hands down firmly before massaging the flabby area in a clock-wise motion and proceeding to the side of the waist. I love using this soap after a run, best way to kill two birds in one stone! It smells great which made showering much more enjoyable while knowing your body is toning up bit by bit!


Before: 27" (taken in October 2015)
After: 24" (taken in January 2016)

A slimmer waist line and flatter tummy at two months post-natal after using this soap daily combined with exercising thrice a week.  Still an inch away from my pre-natal waistline and hopefully the abs will be more obvious in half a year time from continuous usage and gym efforts!

There's no short-cut to losing weight except from having a proper diet with exercising but with the slimming soap that helps to speed up toning, why not?







A flatter tummy means taking out your crop tops to play again!


Thank you MyBlackShop for sending these soaps along my way to pamper myself (pre and post-natal) and to enjoy the results that came along with diligent use!

Now you can get your hands on these soaps as well!

Quote "yingtian" for 10% of all purchases from TheBlackShop!

(click HERE for guide for usage of discount code)

Happy showering & pampering yourself ladies!


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