Thursday, April 28, 2016

Impossible is nothing, love conquers everything

"Impossible is nothing, love conquers everything"

This is a personal mantra that I live by each day, as seen on my dayre account since Day 1.

Love for my newborn baby boy, love for exercising, love for fashion, love for my work, love for my loved ones. This LOVE is my source of fuel to keep me going in life and juggle my current multiple roles. 

I'm still determined to exercise, dress up and turn up in style despite all the hectic-ness - because when you look good, you feel good!

This above picture was taken yesterday in a mad rush prior to work, after sending my baby boy to my care-giver every morning. I'm trying to record my outfit pictures (
be it a tripod shot or quick snapchat shots) whenever I  can so when I look back at my phone gallery, my pictures motivate me to dress up better. Sloppiness is not an excuse because I am vain like that.

And also, to write as much as I can. Be it blog or dayre posts. So much backlogs (on races esp) which I will not stress myself to clear, so future posts will all be on current present! I hope to continue writing here as reading my past posts can be rather therapeutic. So much have changed over the years with new chapters unfolding. Yet I still feel like the same me since day 1 - more matured but generally still the same. I think?

You know you are a breast-feeding mummy when your daily outfit choices revolve around accessibility to your breasts.


Dressing to NURSE is indeed more challenging than #dressingthebump. I'm sticking to separates, wrap dresses, maxi dresses and nursing tops for now, especially to work since I pump at my office desk.

Initially it is a little troublesome deciding on my outfit every night but now I'm used to it. Anything for my baby, even if it means saggy boobs, balding head and milk squirted onto my outfits.

Hoping to hit a year minimum for exclusively breast-feeding, especially for my first baby. Currently 6 months and going, yay! 

To fellow nursing mummies: we can do this! <3




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