Friday, March 10, 2017

SK II- Face the Wild, Face the Camera

With all the major changes in my life over the years, one thing that remains constant is my love for SK-II. In particularly, the Facial Treatment Essence that I carry with me everywhere. 


It has became a daily habit to start and end my day by taking a minute to dap my face with a cotton pad filled with the goodness. No matter how I feel or how bad my day turns out to be, this routine reminds me to take time to pamper myself without fail. I can do without makeup on lazy days during the weekend but I cannot without my beauty steps.

In my last holiday to Hong Kong with my family, this trusty bottle has saved my skin from the cold of about 10 degrees. Ironically, this has also helped me to maintain my glow despite the hot weather especially when I was running the Hong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon. Went home with obvious tan lines on my limbs and shoulders with the obvious tanlines, but my face was still intact.



As part of its total brand campaign for 2017, SK-II spearheads the SK-II “Face the Wild, Face the Camera” Extreme Expedition Series produced by National Geographic. 

Chiara Ferragni with 8.2 million followers on Instagram who is always at her most fashionable self on the streets of Milan and attending international fashion shows. But have you ever wondered how she’ll fare if put to the test while trekking through the sizzling Anza Borrego Dessert?
In the Anza Borrego desert, Chiara takes on #FaceTheWild in the intense, dehydrating heat that strips her skin of the moisture it desperately needs. Right after, Chiara had to  #FaceTheCamera for a beauty shoot midst the extreme terrain. 

Wonder how she battled the dehydration, dizziness and dry heat of the desert, and still work the camera? Sharing this video on how she maintain her beauty despite the weather.

What's your holy grail to #FaceTheWild? This is mine! :)


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