Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Lazada GSS Sale (6-8 June!)

Good news to share for all skincare junkies and shopaholics like myself!

During Lazada’s GSS Sale from 6 to 8 June, you can get up to 90% off, flash deals every two hours, vouchers up to $100 and fabulous surprise boxes!!

Each surprise box is just $29 with products worth up to $120!

Thanks to Lazada for sending its Maybelline Makeup Box to my doorstep!

I’ve always been a fan of Maybelline since my school days due to its quality and affordable products. My fav has always been their eye and lip products!


Happy to unbox my surprise box after a long day at work.


Today, I will be sharing TWO out of FOUR products that I love!

1) Maybelline Volum' Express The Magnum Mascara - Waterproof Black

My holy grail mascara on days where I have dinner dates or meetings!
What I LOVE about this mascara is that it’s easy to apply with my thin lashes adding volume in just one coat. Also, it’s water-proof and survived an hour of gym session without smudging. Zero clumps too!

2) Maybelline The Nudes Eye Shadow Palette  

Here's the next that I love!

I’m bad at applying eyeshadows on my monolids so I usually skipped this makeup step. However, this palette is easy to apply with the nude shades being pigmented without being too dramatic as well. I usually use the second method for a everyday look!

It can last throughout the day and I usually experiment with the taupe/bronze tones to compliment my eyeliner look!

Neutral eyecolors with a monochrome get-up for work!

Head over to LAZADA HERE to get your surprise boxes today!

 Do join in the fun and upload your unboxing videos/pictures! Share it on instagram and hashtag #lazadasurprises. Stand a chance to win attractive prizes! ;)

Also, set your alarms for 9pm daily from 6-8 June during LAzada’s GSS Sale to catch the live streaming of your fav brands (Laniege, Manonde, Dumex, Philip etc)!
Enjoy additional 18% off if you use my code “GSSYINGTIAN18”* too!
*valid for new customers and capped at $8.

#lazadasg #lazadaGSS #goglobalshoplocal


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A great review. I really want to try this range, as it sounds great.thanks lazada!

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